ankle-surgery-njSuperior Care Before, During and After Your Anthroscopic Ankle Surgery

Anthroscopic ankle surgery requires precision and skill. At the Family Foot & Ankle Center of Central Jersey, we offer you both. Dr. Holli Alster is Board Certified in rear foot and ankle surgery, placing her in the top five percent of podiatric surgeons in the country. When you need ankle surgery, trust the surgeon other surgeons trust.

Determining whether You Need Rear Foot or Ankle Reconstruction Surgery

Anthroscopic surgery, also called arthroscopic surgery, is a minimally invasive procedure designed to help some forms of foot or ankle damage. Dr. Alster can see whether you need ankle reconstruction or not using a small camera that “scopes” the painful area. You may need arthroscopic ankle surgery for:

Bone spurs. Bone spurs are common for people who are on their feet all day, and can form in any joint of the foot or ankle. Bone spurs can be shaved down for greater flexibility.
Congenital defects. For varying reasons, you may be born with bones that don’t fuse correctly. In cases where your foot or ankle bones are malformed, ankle reconstruction surgery could help you regain greater mobility and flexibility.
Rear ankle pain. Most posterior damage requires more than just arthroscopic ankle surgery, as it’s difficult to maneuver in such a small area. When full or partial ankle reconstruction is required. Dr. Alster can outline your options moving forward.
Removing scar tissue or tumors. Scar tissue can be removed with anthroscopic surgery. Removing tumors, however, may require partial or full ankle reconstruction. It’s important to speak with a certified ankle and foot surgeon such as Dr. Alster to determine what your surgical needs are.

At the Family Foot & Ankle Center of Central Jersey, we understand how foot and ankle pain can lead to a diminished quality of life. A sports related injury could end your future college or professional career if not looked after quickly. An accident such as tripping over a piece of broken sidewalk could lead to more serious tears than you might think. Our courteous and professional team can help you by diagnosing what kind of injury you have sustained, and then planning a course of treatment to help you literally get back up on your feet.

Don’t let the fear of ankle surgery stop you from living a better life. Dr. Holli Alster of the Family Foot & Ankle Center of Central Jersey can help. To schedule your appointment with a premier ankle and foot surgeon, please call us at (732) 851-1617 today!