New Jersey Flat Foot Doctor Provides Fallen Arches Treatment

flat-foot-treatmentFlat Foot/Collapsing Pes Planovalgus

If your arch is fully collapsed or rolls inward, you have flat foot or collapsing pes planovalgus. As children, it’s common to have flat feet up until about the age of 10 as the bones and ligaments of our feet slowly form an arch. For some, flat foot can persist into adulthood, often without symptoms. But for others, it develops over time causing flat feet pain and problems with walking, running, climbing stairs or engaging in physical activity.

Simply defined, flat foot, also known as a fallen arch, is when the sole of your foot is in full contact with the ground. People with flat feet end up shifting pressure to other parts of the foot when they walk, which can cause intense pain. If left untreated, flat feet can lead to other more serious foot and lower body joint problems. In many cases, flat foot is the result of subtalar joint overpronation in the process of development or as a result of aging, injury or overuse.

Symptoms of Flat Foot

– Lack of medial arch
– Pain on the inside of the ankle, lower limb and/or heel
– Foot strain, shin splints, sciatica, metatarsalgia
– Lateral displacement of heel pad
– Fatigue, night cramps, tendonitis, shin splints
– Development of adventitious bursa
– In children, clumsiness when walking or running, and limping

Flat Foot Treatment in NJ

As a flat foot doctor, we must examine your feet before any treatment is recommended. Fallen arches treatment, if required, must be carefully managed to prevent new issues or deformities from arising. Some of the recommended treatments included limiting or changing daily physical activity, and the use of orthotics, serial casting, splints, braces or footwear. Be sure to contact a flat foot doctor if you have a fallen arch as it can lead to claw and hammer toes, bunions or can lead to knee, hip and lower back problems.  Have your children evaluated early if there is a family history of this condition.

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