foot-and-ankle-treatments-njYour Pins and Needles Could Be Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

If you have shooting pains, numbness, burning or tingling on the bottom of your foot, you could be suffering with tarsal tunnel syndrome. It occurs when the tibial nerve is compressed. Nerve compression can lead to serious and permanent effects, and should be treated by a skilled podiatric doctor or surgeon.

At the Family Foot & Ankle Center of Central Jersey, you’ll work with a preeminent foot and ankle doctor, D. Holli Alster. Board Certified in foot and rear foot and ankle surgery, Dr. Alster’s skill set places her in the top 5% of podiatric surgeons in the country. If you have tarsal tunnel syndrome, bone spurs or any kind of foot or ankle pain, our dedicated and professional team is prepared to get you back up on your feet as soon as possible.

Posterior Tibial Tendonitis and Other Common Injuries

When your tendon is inflamed, that’s tendonitis. Posterior tibial tendonitis occurs when sustain an injury in the tendon that runs from your calf muscle to the inside of your ankle and the arch of your foot. Just like tarsal tunnel syndrome, it can be caused by diabetes, arthritis or flat feet, among other things, and is diagnosed through imaging and a comprehensive exam. At the Family Foot & Ankle Center of Central Jersey, we develop treatment plans for patients with posterior tibial tendonitis, as well as:
– Achilles tendonitis
– Ankle sprains
– Toe fractures
– Stress fractures
– Heel spurs
– Bunions
– Onychomycosis

Most of the more common foot and ankle injuries can be treated without surgery, through icing, stretching or medication. Dr. Alster can explain your options for foot and ankle treatments, so you can make an informed decision about your podiatric health. When the only foot or ankle treatments available are surgical, however, you’ll have the benefits of a skilled and Board Certified surgeon on your side.

Even the most common foot and ankle injuries can lead to permanent damage if left untreated. At the Family Foot & Ankle Center of Central Jersey, our team of compassionate and dedicated medical professionals can help get you back up on your feet in no time. To schedule your appointment, please call us at (732) 851-1617 today!